Manage access to your album/ folder

There are two privacy settings for sharing:

- Private (Only people you invite can view)

- Public (Anyone with the link can view)

Private albums/ folders

Albums are private by default, only people with an invite can view. Invite links provide first time access, after this the linked account provides access to the private album. If users don't have an invite they can send an access request to the album owner. The albums owner approves the request to grant access. All users are required to log in or register with MyAlbum to view private albums.

Public albums/ folders

Set your album to 'public' if you do not mind anyone with the link to your album to be able to view it. Users are not required to log in or register for MyAlbum to view public albums.

Change privacy setting

Open the album or folder and click on the three dots top right (...) a screen opens showing the current privacy setting on top. Click on the three dots behind it (...) choose the desired privacy setting.


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