Upload multiple files


Apple/ iOS - browser

Best is to use the iPhone app. Do you prefer using the browser? Select multiple files from the 'Photo Library' or 'Camera roll' by tapping them.

Android - browser

Select 'Documents' and then 'images' or 'video's' depending on what you want to upload. Select a file and keep pressing it until a 'checkmark' appears then select the other files you wish to upload. This works best in the 'Chrome browser'.

NB. On Samsung there is no 'images' and 'videos' folder but you'll need to select 'photos'.


There are three different ways to select multiple files:

- If you want to select an range of images select the first, hold shift and select the last item.

- Make a selection with your mouse pointer to select multiple items.

- If you want to select several random items hold Ctrl and select on the images you wish to upload.

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