Text boxes

Open the album in the edit mode, then select 'add' and choose 'Text'. Choose the layout you like. Double tap the textbox to open the text editor (or select it and click the pencil icon in the bar on the bottom).

Old editor

Tell your story by adding text to your albums. Add textboxes over the full width of your album or between your pictures.

Alignment & colors

Use the alignment buttons to position your text in the right place or add a background color based on the predominant colors in the adjoining photos or videos. 

Bold & Italics

Use the following combinations to add bold and italic text: 

*your text* Italic text
**your text** Bold text
***your text*** Italic and bold text


Add links to any webpage you like and they will become clickable when viewing the story. A great way to link to additional information about the subject of your photos or videos.

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